22nd Issue is Out Now!

Vol. VI | No. I – January-February-March 2020

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05-07….. World News by Furkan Sahin

08-12….. Reflections on 2020 Flashpoints for Turkish Foreign Policy and Turkish-US Relations by Assoc. Prof. Mark Meirowitz

15-21….. The Supremacy of EU Law over National Law: The ECJ’s Perspectives by Dr Sharifullah Dorani

23-26….. Interview with Almir Colan on Political and Economic Relations of Turkey-the US by Emrah Atar

28-36….. Interview with Professor Vladimir M. Kapitsyn on Russia’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East by Ebru Birinci

38-42….. Turkey in Crossroads: Between Islamic Power Projection and International Isolationism by Maria (Mary) Papageorgiou

44-48….. An Update of Democracy’s Third Wave by Dr Marco Marsili

50-54….. Parliamentary Elections and Transformation in Uzbekistan by Assoc. Prof. Ozgur Tufekci


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