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Vol. VII | No. III – July-August-September 2021

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05-14….. Reflections on the Biden Summits: Where Do We Go from Here? by Prof. Mark Meirowitz

17-20….. Countering Terrorist Propaganda on ICTs: The EU Regulation Case by Dr İlyas Fırat Cengiz

23-30….. Indo-Nepal Cyber Diplomacy and Regime Formation by Dr Sreemoyee Sarkar

33-38….. Interview with Dr. Çağlar Kurç | The Second Nagorno-Karabakh War and UCAVs by Oğuzhan Çakır

40-42….. Playing with Democracy: Hungary 101 by Selen Eşençay

44-46….. Political Strategies in a Multi-Polar World: Where is European Union in All This Story? by Adrian Pogacian

49-57….. The Primacy or Supremacy Principle of the European Union Law: A Comparative Overview of British, German and French Courts’ Responses by Dr Sharifullah Dorani


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