Vol. VI | No. III

Vol. VI | No. III – July-August-September 2020

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05-14….. World News by Ebru Birinci

17-24….. Preparedness for an Uncertain Future “The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself” by Professor Mark Meirowitz

25-39….. EU LAW vs UK LAW The Primacy of EU Law over National Law: Great Britain’s Response by Dr Sharifullah Dorani

41-46….. Interview with Professor Adeeb Khalid by Dr Ozgur Tufekci & Dr Rahman Dag

49-53….. COVID-19 Crisis Deepening in Azerbaijan by Javadbay Khalilzada

55-57….. All the President’s Tweets: Trump’s Twiplomacy amidst the Coronavirus Crisis and the Way Ahead for the American Foreign Policy by Maria (Mary) Papageorgiou