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Vol. VIII | No. II – APRIL-MAY-JUNE 2022

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06-14….. The Perceptions of Robert Jervis: An Appreciation by Ken Booth and Nicholas J. Wheeler

17-21….. A Realist Analysis of the Russo-Ukraine Crisis by Sreemoyee Sarkar

23-29….. The Afghan Crisis: The Shimmering Facades of Turkey’s Foreign Policy and A New Role for Europe by Desiree di Marco

31-34….. The Doha Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan by Sharifullah Dorani

36-40….. The Role of Big Data in Democratic Backsliding by Tugche Veys

42-47….. The Present of the European Left: A Triple Dilemma by Linjie Lee

49-56….. Perspectives on the Application of Terrorism as a Useful Term: Through the Lens of the West and Its Self-Appointed ‘Terrorists’ by Taylor Wilson

58-59….. Kashmir Seeks the Hope by Jawad Ahmed


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