29th Issue is Online Now!

Vol. VII | No. IV – October-November-December 2021

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05-09….. World News by Ebru Birinci

12-16….. Ecofeminism and Gandhi: Thinking in Harmony by Rubel Mittal

18-20….. Civil Society in the Information Age by Prasanta Kumar Sahu

23-29….. Interview with Jonathan Fulton on The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and Chinese Foreign Policy by Rukiye Patan

31-35….. 2021 Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Why Does the Prospect of Ukraine’s NATO Membership Seem Remote? by Rukiye Patan

37-42….. Indo-Bhutan Cyber Diplomacy and Regime Formation by Sreemoyee Sarkar

44-46….. A Bone of Contention by Amna Nisar Abbasi


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