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Vol. VII | No. I – January-February-March 2021

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05-07….. World News by Ebru Birinci

14-17….. An Overview of Turkish Foreign Policy as 2020 Ends by Dr Emrah Atar

19-21….. China and Turkey: Escaping the Trap of the “Uyghur Issue” by Hrvoje Ćiković

23-26….. US Sanctions on Turkey’s Defense Industry Might Backfire, Here is Why! by Dr Ali Bakir

28-43….. Interview with Professor Scott Lucas by Dr Ali Onur Özçelik

44-55….. The Supremacy of EU Law over German Law: EU Law vs National Law by Dr Sharifullah Dorani

57-64….. The Fall of the Berlin Wall, the Collapse of the USSR and the End of Cold War A Chain of Surprises ‘Too Big’ to Be Predicted by Dr Marco Marsili

66-68….. Civil Society: An Alternative Model by Dr Prasanta Kumar Sahu

71-75….. Public Diplomacy in Post Pandemic World Challenges and Perspectives by Rohith Sai Stambamkadi

77-79….. Setback for India: The China-Pak Economic Corridor by Daniyal Talat


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